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Maine DMR Repeater Old News

Wednesday (6/29/2016) NEW! Repeater     Coming Soon...     Program Your Radio   K1XI     Camden - Ragged Mountain, -   145.370 -0.600    Color-code 12

Thursday (6/27/2016)   Streaked Mtn. Is on The Network     K1YFY Buckfield -   145.320 -0.600       Give it a try.

Saturday (6/11/2016)   On The Air Local Only   K1YFY Buckfield - Streaked Mtn. 145.320 -0.600   Network Connection Coming Soon ...

Tuesday (6/7/2016) N1ME Eddington ME. Repeater Is Now Working. on the network..

Monday (6/6/2016)   Coming Soon: Under Construction, K1YFY Buckfield - Streaked Mtn. 145.320 -0.600

Note: Wednesday (5/25/2016) NH SW is now PTT activated for all Repeaters on the Augusta C-Bridge..

(3/31/2016) The KB1UAS Corinna 145.220 -0.600, Repeaters New Permanent Antenna has been Installed. Give it a try.

(3/21/2016) The N1UGR Dresden 145.430 -0.600 Repeater Is On the Air. Give it a try.

(2/20/2016) The W1EMA Knox DMR Repeater Has Changed Frequency to 145.420 , due to Interference to another Repeater, please update your Radio Code-plugs in order to use this Repeater.

(2/18/2016) Understanding c-Bridge Talk-Group Priorities A Excellent Article by Tom Marshall - AA1SM, Html       Click Here for PDF

(2/14/2016) W1EMA Knox, had some adjustments made to the antenna, coverage is much better. Give it a try.

(2/13/2016) The (W1EMA Knox 145.420 -0.600) and The (N1ME Eddington 145.310 -0.600) Repeaters are on the Air.