Our Mission : To Provide Emergency Communications Assistance In Times of Need

Amateur Radio DMR Has Come To Maine With The Augusta Maine c-Bridge  

The 'Maine DMR' Repeaters Are Partners of the The New England Digital Emergency Communications Network  And DMR-MARC Networked Repeaters
Giving not only local and Maine Coverage, but USA Wide Coverage and World Wide Coverage.

(7/21/2018)     NEW! Repeater   Now on The Air   KQ1L       Sidney, ME.   Quaker Hill,  DMR Repeater,     145.240 -0.600 ,   CC-12  

(3/29/2017)     NEW! Vhf Repeater   Coming Soon           KQ1L Waterville, ME Repeater,   146.925 -0.600 ,   CC-12    

7/15/2016 ...    We have Two New Talk-Groups       NETAC1     TG 8801     and     NETAC2     TG 8802
These are both NewEngland only TAC channels, TAC 1 & TAC 2 .          
See the TalkGroup Page for more info  

      Note: Wednesday (5/25/2016) NH SW is now PTT activated for Some Repeaters on the Augusta C-Bridge..     

Note: Please remember DMR System is not like a analog repeater system, with multiple talk-groups you must leave a 5 to 10 second pause between transmissions so other people can brake away to another talk-group on another repeater in the system, or join in your conversation.
To put it in plain language, you could be tying up the time slot on the entire system if you do not leave a pause between transmissions.

NEW!                              NEW!
Understanding How c-Bridge Talk Group Priorities Are Established  and / or  Why Do Other Talk Groups Interrupt My QSO?
A Excellent Article by Tom Marshall - AA1SM, Html       Click Here for PDF

 Click here to view the Maine c-Bridge Net Watch

Basic Over View of Amateur Radio DMR    From:   www.trbo.org

TalkGroups Available On The Maine c-Bridge

There Now  14  VHF DMR Repeaters in Maine (as of  3/30/2017) And  1 more Repeater Planed at this time.
Providing coverage from NH Line To Calais ME, See The DMR Repeater Map.     and    Maine DMR Repeater Coverage Maps

List of Maine DMR Repeaters with Frequency's and Color Codes

Weekly Nets on the NEDECN Network

  • World Wide, TG#1, Saturdays at 12 noon EDT
    It is intended as a global forum for discussing news, information and developments related to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
  • TAC310, TG310, Sundays at 8 PM EDT
  • New England, TG3181, Mondays at 8 PM EDT
    Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
    Rhode Island and Vermont
   Available on some NEDECN Repeaters
  • DMR+ USA, TG133, REF 4639, Fridays at 8:30 PM EDT

News                   Maine-DMR                   News

NEW!   Wednesday (3/29/2017)   Litchfield, ME Repeater,   Now On The Air,         N1ITR     Litchfield, ME - Danford Hill     146.700 -0.600     CC 12

Sunday (10/30/2016)   Lincoln ME Repeater,   Now On The Air,  Give it a Try,         KC1FRJ     Lincoln ME - Bagley Mtn.     145.350 -0.600

Saturday (9/3/2016) ...    N1ME Repeater 145.310 (Bangor ME, Area).    The Repeater Has been moved to Copeland Hill in Holden ME.
the antenna is now at the top of the tower, give it a try coverage should be much better.

Tuesday (7/12/2016) Camden - Ragged Mountain, Repeater IS ON THE AIR!    K1XI   -   145.370 -0.600    Color-code 12

More Old News Here

Note To: Users of DMR

We encourage new users to visit the VU meter at http://norcaldmr.org/listen-now/
You will need a Chrome browser and you will need to transmit on the Audio Test talk group 9999.

Some users are really loud, Others are low. Some radios like the Tytera MD-380 and the CS700 have no audio adjustment and the operator will have to get used to a distance from the microphone.
On some MD-380 radios you may have to back off the microphone. CS700 get closer without being breathy...or send it in for the upgrade.

CS750/CS751 CS800/CS801 has ability for the user to change the microphone gain. Use the VU meter, to customize your microphone audio to fit your operating preference.

Motorola Radio, Users, Please see this page 'Audio Calibration', at http://www.dmr-marc.net/FAQ/audio.html

The eventual outcome will be a well balanced network, requiring less diving for the volume control. If there is complaint about DMR, it is the lack of RX AGC (automatic gain control), plus the lack of an audio level standard in the DMR Specifications.
The VU meter is the best we can do to help us for now!

How does this all work? : from DMR-MARC
See Our FAQs Page
Search for DMR Users Or Repeaters in Maine
Who is Talking the DMR System right NOW NetWatch NewEng-TRBO

You may of heard Digital Radios are expensive, NOT TRUE, With DMR.
You can Buy a TYT Tytera MD-380 VHF Analog/Digital DMR Radio + Programming cable, For Less than $150.00
Make Sure You are Buying the Programming cable and Software, This cable only fits the MD380.

For More Money there is Connect Systems They Have The CS751 - VHF Digital Portable   and the CS801 - VHF Digital MOBILE Radio

And also the Motorola MotoTrbo / Trbo series of Radios, Contact your local (Ham friendly) Motorola Dealer

The First thing you need is to use a DMR Ham Radio is Request New User DMR ID Number Here

Here is a DMR Radio Programming Checklist.pdf

If you Get a Tytera MD-380 Or A Connect Systems Radio

Check Out Our, DMR Radio Programming And Help for Tytera MD-380 and Connect Systems Radios

Also See   VE3XPR Programming Software and Firmware Page   For TYTERA MD-380 and Connect Systems Radios

The Programming is Somewhat complicated and time consuming With DMR Radios, you will want a CodePlug file to start with.

We will have some, Maine CodePlug's you can Download to get you started Soon.

Maine-DMR Radio CodePlug's

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